What Is The Plural For Bird?

What is the plural brush?


brush (countable and uncountable, plural brushes).

Is college plural or singular?

The plural form of college is colleges.

What is the plural of friend?

“Friends’ and friend’s” are both possessive forms. “ Friends” is the plural form of Friend. Friend’s – belongs to a single friend. Friends’ – belongs to multiple friends.

What is the plural of church?

If the noun ends with -ch, -s, -sh, -x, or -z, add -es to form the plural: singular. plural. church. churches.

What is the plural of kiss?

The plural form of kiss; more than one (kind of) kiss.

What is the plural of life?

If you need a plural noun, pick the word lives pronounced with the long i sound. Lives functions primarily as a third-person singular verb. Lifes is not a word, but the term lives is the plural form of the noun life.

What is the plural for tomato?

The plural form of potato is potatoes. The plural form of tomato is tomatoes. There are many rules in English for the construction of plural nouns, potatoes and tomatoes are examples of plural nouns that are exceptions to a rule.

What is the plural of baby?

Declension and Plural of Baby The declension of the noun Baby is in singular genitive Babys and in the plural nominative Babys.

What is the plural of dress?

Plural. dresses. The plural form of dress; more than one (kind of) dress.

What is the plural for day?

Answer. The plural form of day is days. Find more words! Another word for. Opposite of.

What is the plural of beach?

Noun. beach (plural beaches) The shore of a body of water, especially when sandy or pebbly.

What is the plural for zero?

zero. noun. ze·​ro | \ ˈzē-rō , ˈzir-ō \ plural zeros or zeroes.

What is the plural of Boy?

Well, the plural of “boy” is “boys”, and to make the possessive of a plural, we just put an apostrophe after the final “s”. So we would say, “the boys’ bicycles“. B-O-Y-S, apostrophe. … So, for example, “child”, singular, becomes “children”, plural.

Is Army singular or plural?

‘Army’ is singular, but it can be treated as plural if you want to emphasize that it’s composed of individual people. That may be more common in BE, where large groups such as companies, sports teams, etc. are usually treated as plural, so BE speakers might say ‘The army are.

What are the plural words?

ExamplesSingularPluralchildchildrentoothteethfootfeetpersonpeople26 more rows

What is the plural of house?

plural houses\ ˈhau̇-​zəz also -​səz \

What is the plural of person?

As a general rule, you’re absolutely right – person is used to refer to an individual, and the plural form is people.

What is the plural of my?

The plural form of my is our.

What is the plural for half?

Hello, PLURAL OF HALF The Plural of Half The plural of half is halves.

Is birds plural or singular?

– The noun ‘bird’ is singular since it refers to one bird. – The noun ‘birds’ is plural since it refers to more than one bird.

What is plural for class?

The singular is class, and the plural is classes.