Quick Answer: What Is Della Reese Worth?

How long did Touched by an Angel Run?

Touched by an Angel is an American fantasy drama television series that premiered on CBS on September 21, 1994, and ran for 211 episodes and nine seasons until its conclusion on April 27, 2003..

Why did they cancel Touched by an Angel?

In the end, ”Touched by an Angel” wasn’t touching enough viewers. CBS announced Monday at the Television Critics Association previews in Hollywood that it’s going to send the drama to TV heaven in May, after nine seasons and more than 200 episodes.

Why did Della Reese leave touched by an angel?

Throughout her long career, Reese proved indomitable in the face of serious health crises. In 1979, she suffered a brain aneurysm during a taping of “The Tonight Show,” and weathered two brain surgeries. She collapsed on the set of “Touched by an Angel” in 2002, and later announced she suffered from type 2 diabetes.

Is Della Reese alive?

Deceased (1931–2017)Della Reese/Living or Deceased

What happened in the last episode of Touched by an Angel?

April 27, 2003Touched by an Angel/Final episode date

What happened Della Reese?

Della Reese, the husky-voiced singer and actress who spent almost a decade playing a down-to-earth heavenly messenger on the CBS series “Touched by an Angel” and became an ordained minister in real life, died on Sunday night at her home in Encino, Calif. She was 86. Her death was confirmed by her manager, Lynda Bensky.

Who is Della Reese’s husband?

Franklin Lettm. 1983–2017Leroy Graym. 1959–1961Vermont Taliaferrom. 1951–1958Della Reese/Husband

What was Della Reese’s religion?

Christian churchWell, here’s one. Actress/singer Della Reese (who plays ‘Tess’ on the CBS fantasy/drama “Touched By An Angel”) has been an ordained minister for 14 years, and she has founded a nondenominational Christian church called “Understanding Principles for Better Living,” where she preaches every Sunday.

Why did Della Reese die?

DiabetesDella Reese/Cause of deathDeath. Reese died on November 19, 2017, at her Los Angeles, California, home at the age of 86. No cause was given, although she had suffered from type 2 diabetes.

Who died on Touched by an Angel?

(CBS/AP) John Dye, best known for his role as the angel of death on the hit TV series “Touched by an Angel,” was found dead on Monday at his San Francisco home, a medical examiner’s spokesman said Thursday. He was 47.

What was Della Reese’s net worth?

American actress and singer Delloreese Patricia Early famously known as Della Reese died Sunday evening in California. The actress’ estimated net worth was $3 million. According to the Richest, Della Reese made a few million dollars over the course of the popular television drama ‘Touched by an Angel.

Who is Della Reese’s daughter?

Deloreese DanielsDella Reese/Daughters