Quick Answer: What Is A Productive Forest?

What are the factors that affect forest?

4 Factors affecting forest resources4.1 General.

Bhutan’s economy is a basic need-based economy with predominance of the agriculture, livestock and forestry sectors.

4.2 Human population.

4.3 Agriculture.

4.4 Livestock.

4.5 Human development.

4.6 Economic development.

4.7 Inter and intra-sectoral growth.

4.8 Economic linkages with other sectors.More items….

What is forest productivity?

We define forest productivity in terms of tradi- tional forest products where productivity is measured as the annual average change in cubic feet, board feet, cords, or biomass of wood. Losses in volume to tree mortality and harvesting are also measured and subtracted from growth to provide net growth.

What is productive forest land?

Productive forest land means “land that is producing or is capable of producing commercial forest products and is not otherwise classified under this subsection”.

What is protection forest?

Protection forests are forests that mitigate or prevent the impact of a natural hazard, including a rockfall, avalanche, erosion, landslide, debris flow or flooding on people and their assets in mountainous areas.

How is forest productivity measured?

We measure this productivity through annual observations of the biomass of various tissues comprising the forest. The balance between carbon fixation in photosynthesis and carbon loss in plant respiration is the Net Primary Productivity (NPP).

What are the 4 types of forest?

These are: the tropical, temperate, and boreal forests (taiga).