Quick Answer: Is Archer A GRC Tool?

What is Archer GRC tool?

The RSA Archer GRC Platform provides a common foundation for managing policies, controls, risks, assessments and deficiencies across your lines of business.

The Platform is designed to be: ▪ Flexible – The Platform offers a point-and-click interface for building and managing business applications..

What is RSA certification?

An RSA certificate is a document that indicates you have successfully completed RSA training in Australia and signifies that you have the skills and knowledge to provide alcohol to customers responsibly.

What is GRC framework?

The GRC framework is all of managing a company’s overall governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance through regulations. Consider it a structured approach to aligning your business objectives with IT while effectively meeting compliance demands and managing risks.

What does RSA Archer stand for?

RSA Archer GRC Platform is a software that supports business-level management of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). The Platform allows users to adapt solutions to their requirements, build new applications, and integrate with external systems without touching a single line of code.

Who owns RSA Security?

Symphony Technology GroupRSA/Parent organizations

Is RSA owned by Dell?

Dell Technologies announced today that it was selling legacy security firm RSA for $2.075 billion to a consortium of investors led by Symphony Technology Group. … RSA came to Dell when it bought EMC for $67 billion in 2015. EMC bought the company in 2006 for a similar price it was sold for today, $2.1 billion.

How do you implement a GRC tool?

Here are the key steps for integrating GRC into your business practices successfully:Define what GRC means to your organization. … Survey your organization’s regulatory landscape. … Communicate the Benefits. … Determine how Success will be measured.

What is RSA Archer Suite?

RSA Archer Suite is a risk management solution that provides solutions in sectors such as business resiliency, operational and enterprise risk management, audit management, public sector, security and IT risk management, third-party governance and regulatory compliance management.

Why do I need a GRC tool?

An IT GRC solution enables you to create and coordinate policies and controls and map them to regulatory and internal compliance requirements. These solutions, which are usually cloud-based, introduce automation for many processes, which increases efficiency and reduces complexity.

How much does RSA Archer cost?

Description: The RSA Archer GRC is a platform that integrates with a number of modules such as policy management, vulnerability risk management and content library. Price: Starts at about $55,000 depending on configuration.

What is GRC tool?

GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) software allows publicly-held companies to integrate and manage IT operations that are subject to regulation. Such software typically combines applications that manage the core functions of GRC into a single integrated package.

What is RSA stand for?

RSAAcronymDefinitionRSARepublic of South AfricaRSARivest, Shamir, & Adleman (public key encryption technology)RSARehabilitation Services AdministrationRSAReliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (California)121 more rows

How does a GRC tool work?

GRC software is a set of tools designed to integrate compliance into everyday business processes like user provisioning, role management, emergency access management, and periodic risk assessment. … They also maintain audit logs and compile reports to facilitate auditing, risk analysis, and other GRC processes.

What is Archer in information security?

Your IT and security risk program must address risk management from multiple dimensions—from policies, standards and compliance to threats, vulnerabilities and attacks. RSA Archer enables IT and security teams to centrally manage processes, prioritize cyber threats and stay on top of the latest threats.

What is Archer risk management?

RSA Archer IT & Security Risk Management allows you to determine which assets are most critical to your business, establish and communicate security policies and standards, detect and respond to attacks, and identify and remediate security deficiencies. …