Question: What Is Opposite Word Of Away?

What is the antonyms of away?

What is the opposite of away?closenearnear at handnot far awayjust round the cornerpublicminglingcentraladjoiningbefriended17 more rows.

What is the opposite of now?

Antonym of NowWordAntonymNowThenGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is opposite word of everywhere?

What is the opposite word for Everywhere? nowhere. everywhere and nowhere.

What is another word for apart?

What is another word for apart?aloneasideexcludedaloofafarby itselfcut offdisassociateddisconnecteddistinct14 more rows

What can I say instead of miss you?

Beautiful Ways to Say I MISS YOU in EnglishI hope I see you again.I long for you.I yearn for you.I miss your smile.You crossed my mind.I’ve been thinking of you.I feel sad without you.I wish you were here.More items…•

What does no more mean?

adverb. Definition of no more (Entry 2 of 3) 1a : no longer those stately homes stand no more. b : no longer in existence : dead, departed the glory of his house is no more the great leader is no more.

What is another word for apart from?

What is another word for apart from?barbarringexceptexceptingexcludingoutsidesavesavingaside frombut for22 more rows

What is the opposite of crying?

Opposite of a sorrowful cry or lamentation. laughter. laughing. giggling. laugh.

What is another word for Gone?

What is another word for gone?absentawaytruantwithdrawnastraydecampeddisappeareddisplacedflownsplit39 more rows

What’s another word for no longer?

What is another word for no longer?oncebackbygoneearlierformerlyerstwhileheretoforepreviouslyquondamsometime

What is the difference between apart and a part?

A part and apart are often confused, especially by non-native speakers of English. Apart is mostly used as an adverb, denoting a separation between two or more things. A part (two words) means “a fraction of a whole,” or in theatre, “an actor’s role.” Apart from is a frequently used preposition.

What does asunder mean?

into separate parts; in or into pieces: Lightning split the old oak tree asunder. apart or widely separated: as wide asunder as the polar regions.

What is the opposite of buying?

Antonyms for buy exchange, overcharge, barter, dispose of, luxury, surcharge, extravagance, markup, soaking, rip off.