Question: What Does Deep In The Cut Mean?

What does being in the cut mean?

In the cut is primarily used in hip hop, especially Chicago Drill Music to refer to secluded locations where gangsters hang, waiting for Enemies (opps) and dealing drugs.

In the cut is not a term used only in hip hop, for instance, a house that’s in a remote location can be described as being in the cut..

What does throw it in the cut mean?

The ‘cut’ is slang for canal, so literally threw his medal into to canal.

What is another word for a deep cut?

Synonyms for deep-cut. revealing. shocking. decollete. décolleté

Why is it called the cut?

The Cut is a river in England that rises in North Ascot, Berkshire. … The Cut is so named because it was diverted eastwards artificially in the early nineteenth century from its original course westwards to the River Loddon via Stanlake Park south of Twyford to alleviate flood risk.