Is BT Complete WIFI Worth It?

Is BT complete WIFI any good?


Powerful and good value, BT Complete Wi-Fi is a decent upgrade for those with older routers – but it isn’t particularly feature-rich..

How much extra is BT complete WIFI?

How much does BT Complete Wi-Fi cost? You can add the Complete Wi-Fi service to any BT fibre broadband plan for an extra £10/month. At present, you can get fibre broadband with the Complete Wi-Fi service from £34.99/month.

What is complete WIFI BT?

Complete Wi-Fi uses unique Wi-Fi discs to work with BT’s new Smart Hub 2 to create a single, seamless, powerful wi-fi network in your home. Not only will you get wall-to-wall coverage, you’ll also get faster wi-fi speeds.

Can I get bt complete WiFi?

Get Complete Wi-Fi with BT Fibre broadband You won’t be able to get broadband with Complete Wi-Fi included, but check out our other great deals. Once you’ve got broadband with us, you can buy the wi-fi kit you want to make your signal go further and faster.

How many BT WiFi discs do I need?

2 discsHow many discs do you need? To create a complete Wi-Fi network that will cover flats or small to medium homes with super powerful, super reliable Wi-Fi you’ll need 2 discs. As a guide, 2 discs have been designed for 1-2 bedroom properties.